Louisiana College: Laugh to Keep from Crying.

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Sometimes when things are really bad all you can do is laugh. During the Louisiana College turmoil last year there was also a lot of humor. The same thing happened tonight. I saw some hilarious things coming through Twitter so I decided I would make a blog post about LC humor. I will start off with a few of the funny things I saw tonight. I was the original source of none of this but these things did make me laugh. I encourage people to send me more. I will contiue adding to this post as long as people send me funny things about LC. Let’s laugh to keep from crying.

On Twitter there was a kim jung joe #FirstAmmendment joke that was killing me. Here are some of my favorites:

at the lc lawmedicalfilmtheologysoapmaking institute you can now get a your prayer shawl badge! only 83k! -kim jung joe #FirstAmmendment

some people wanna land on the moon, at lc, we wanna land on the sun!! let’s do this! -kim jung joe #FirstAmmendment #LCSun

Aguillard Camel #2

The den is charging 43,000 tanzanian shillings for a green tea? Outrageous! -Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

Tommy, quick, are there any calvinists on TBN? It’s my favorite channel. Where’s my oil? – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

“and do you know what i did on the eighth day?” – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

I like to employ people. -Kim Jung Joe #FistAmmendment

You have the right to be subservient! – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

I like to minister to young men – single, white, 18-25, non-calvinist, discreet. – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

Love the Calvinist, hate the Calvinism! – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

Are you recording this? – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

Does my ego look big in this tanzanian suit? – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

Love me like I love me – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

Aguillard Camel #1

1000% – Kim Jung Joe #FirstAmmendment

Hear ye, hear ye: the democratic people’s republic of louisiana college will be closed. So saith the one – Kim Jung Joe. #FirstAmmendment

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