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Honestly, the last article I wrote on Joe Aguillard and Louisiana College I thought would be my last. Actually, the last two articles. But, things worth mentioning keep happening. Add to that, the e-mails I get from people thanking me for keeping them updated on LC and I think it is worth reporting these developments.

The latest news, as reported both in the Alexandria TownTalk and the Baptist Message, is that in addition to being fired, Joe Aguillard has been stripped of his President Emeritus title. This is huge and unprecedented! I have never heard of this happening at another institution. When I mentioned this to my father who has taught law at UC Berkeley, the University of New Mexico, UCLA, and UC Davis his simple response was, “I didn’t even know they could do that.”

By revoking this title, LC cuts all ties with Joe Aguillard. For those of us who were harmed by Aguillard, this is important. It is the college making a statement about how terrible his most recent transgressions were.

Dr. Aguillard in his office

But, there is still some cause for concern. Aguillard’s transgressions were in part about plotting a coup against the current leadership. The cynical see this latest move not as a step by the college to do right but a step for those who are in power to retain their power. I hope that is not the case; but, I am a little cynical. I hope that those who did this did it because it is the right thing to do and not because it helps protect their own power.

As I think about this issue, I keep going back to an article I wrote three years ago about how LC could rebuild trust, “Louisiana College…Moving Forward.” The two points that continue to stick out to me are steps two and three: “Publicly Admit Wrong” and “Apologize.” Until the college does these two things, it will be hard for many to trust them. Confession is required.

An LC alum, who I am friends with on Facebook, made this comment when he shared the Baptist Message article:

Well, it’s about time! Now all they need to do is apologize and make restitution to all the folks like [name redacted] and Rondall Reynoso that the college wronged under his corrupt leadership. It’s one thing to get rid of him, it’s another thing to right the wrongs his administration committed.

I can’t help but think about how in the Old Testament restitution was always a part of setting things right. I don’t expect it to happen. Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice. But, my bigger concern is the damage that LC has done to the name of Christ. That has been my primary concern since the very first open letter I wrote. I opened that letter with a quote from Billy Graham. “It is only the Christian who refuses to compromise in matters of honesty, integrity and morality that is bearing an effective witness for Christ.” As LC has compromised on honesty, integrity, and morality over the years they have, as I argued in that first letter, taken the Lord’s name in vain. Again in that letter I quoted John MacArthur, “To use God’s name in such a way as to bring disrepute upon his character or deeds [is] to irreverently misuse His name.” That is exactly what LC did.

It seems that LC may be changing its ways. I hope it is. But, LC needs to not just continue to sweep the issues under the rug. They need to repent…publicly.

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