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Reynoso Art: Parable

This piece combines several types of work that I have been doing over the last few years. One thing I have been thinking about for several years is how to combine the metaphors I use in a single piece that deals with the totality of being human. That is probably something I will never achieve. […]

Reynoso Art: Windswept

landscape photo of a rock in golden grass of California with blue sky and clouds

  This is one of my favorite images from a local open space near my home. I find that it represents so much about here, the home of my childhood and now once again my home as an adult. With its beautiful skies, gently rolling hills, and the golden grass which sweeps over them as […]

Reynoso Art: It Made Her Sad

In 2008, I was selected by the Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity at Calvin College to be one of eight art professors to take part in a cross-cultural seminar in Indonesia. It was an amazing experience. Part of the commitment from participants was to produce artwork inspired by the experience for a […]

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