Never too old to be too young

I grew up in a small country Southern Baptist Church in rural California. When my family moved there our family of six doubled the size of the church. But, the church did grow over the …

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The Apologetic of Love

Don’t be “That Guy” When I was younger, I really loved apologetics. There is something compelling about knowing the answers. I liked the surety that it helped give me to know that I had a reasoned …

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Contemporary vicarious worship

A crowd at a concert is shown from the back.

I’ve been thinking about issues of music and contemporary worship in church for years. I’m not a musician. I did play the piano and clarinet as a child but neither stuck. I’ve also been in …

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Change at Faith on View

There is a change in the virtual air here at Faith on View. In the Beginning Several years back I, Rondall, had the idea of starting a blog. The first article on this site was …

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Mormon Christs: Introduction (Part 1)

Del Parsons, The Lord Jesus the Christ

A couple of years back, I wrote a six-part series entitled Five Evangelical Christs. My academic research is on the relationship between religion and contemporary art; so of course, images of Christ is a natural …

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