Nostalgic worship songs prove profitable

A grid of nine upside down vintage cassette tapes are shown.

Kelsey Kramer McGinnis of Christianity Today writes that many worship songs from the nineties and the aughts, including “The Heart of Worship” and “In the Secret,” remain powerful moneymakers in 2023. Their enduring popularity is …

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Never too old to be too young

I grew up in a small country Southern Baptist Church in rural California. When my family moved there our family of six doubled the size of the church. But, the church did grow over the …

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The Apologetic of Love

Don’t be “That Guy” When I was younger, I really loved apologetics. There is something compelling about knowing the answers. I liked the surety that it helped give me to know that I had a reasoned …

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Contemporary vicarious worship

A crowd at a concert is shown from the back.

I’ve been thinking about issues of music and contemporary worship in church for years. I’m not a musician. I did play the piano and clarinet as a child but neither stuck. I’ve also been in …

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Change at Faith on View

There is a change in the virtual air here at Faith on View. In the Beginning Several years back I, Rondall, had the idea of starting a blog. The first article on this site was …

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