Vandalized cemetery re-consecrated by Bishop Barron

Five cans or various colored spray paint are standing and laying together in a white background with paint splatters

After the Cavalry Cemetery in Rochester Minnesota was vandalized with satanic and vulgar graffiti on Halloween night, the cemetery has been reconsecrated by Bishop Robert Barron of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. The vandals had covered …

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The darker side of Christian YouTube

a bible as seen from the bottom sits laying open in the middle with the end of a red bookmark drawn to the center of the left page

David Morrill of Protestia writes about Christian online celebrities, especially YouTubers. These influencers have been growing in popularity and the author questions whether that is always a positive thing. While many channels are helpful, many …

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Make Christianity powerless again

The words The New Testament superimposed upon a Bible cover.

There are few things as detrimental to a person’s faith as a popular minister “falling from grace.” We enjoy putting our favorite preachers on a pedestal, identifying ourselves with their beliefs, charisma, and conviction. But …

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