DeSantis presses into religion in political ad

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, stands in front of a projected image with his hands up in the air, palms up while speaking

Mike Allen of Axios writes that Florida governor Ron DeSantis strongly focused on religion in his recent campaign for reelection. He notably invokes the name of God 10 times in one minute-and-a-half political ad aimed …

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Op-ed: Giving your best at work

a male vineyard worker in a blue shirt tying grapevine cane to support wire with green plastic strips

If you have a job right now, you are blessed. Working allows you to make a living so you can pay the bills, buy groceries, and even save for the future. How do you feel …

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A God big enough for bacteria

Painting of Atlas holding up the celestial globe

The railway forest is changing with the seasons. I recently took a walk through it, now that the bugs have died down enough that I probably won’t get West Nile Virus. Most of the forest …

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Contrarian, in the best way.

Social media interactions can be interesting. On one platform, I had a Christian friend say that I “Sure seem to be working hard to purge, cleanse, and set us ‘not quite the good side right-thinking’ …

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It’s the Logos not the Word.

The comment below came across my Twitter and it struck me… but, not in a good way. “The Holy Spirit does not use movies. He uses whatever Scripture is in those movies. The film, itself, …

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