What is the Church?

The chapel entrance with massive wooden doors and red brick and white stone entrance of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Cleveland, TN is seen from the sidewalk and through the historic wrought iron sidewalk gate. The iron cross adorong the top of the gate is in focus and centered in the frame.

What is the church? a) A church (lowercase) is an organized group of Christians who meet regularly to worship God and practice their faith. The place where this group gathers may secondarily be called a …

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What is meditation?

religious meditation

Meditation has been practiced across the globe by people of many different faiths for thousands of years. Yet meditation is still difficult for people to define. Usually, people are referring to a spiritual discipline that …

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What is a Christian?

Christian icon of Jesus Christ

What is a Christian? This question has been debated by believers and skeptics for centuries. It is often defined in light of the time and culture in which persons find themselves living. Simply speaking, a …

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