What is the Catholic Church?


The Catholic Church is one of the oldest and largest religious institutions in the world with members across diverse cultures and nations. Roman Catholicism is a denomination of the religion of Christianity. With a staggering …

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What is Christian Nationalism?

American Flag near Cross

Christian Nationalism is the fusion of religious beliefs with nationalist sentiments and intersectionality with right-wing movements. Such movements transgress the separation of church and state, promote a sense of exclusivity and entitlement for a single …

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What is marriage?


Imagine a serene garden bathed in the golden hues of the setting sun.  A man and a woman stand before each other, surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. The married couple’s hearts are filled …

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What is the Salvation Army?

Since 1865, the Salvation Army, a Christian organization, has been dedicating itself to serving those in need. The Salvation Army’s mission statement is “to meet human needs in Jesus’ name without discrimination”. With a rich …

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What is the Bible?

open bible with a red page marker

The Bible is an anthology of sacred texts for Christians. The complete Christian Bible exists in 728 languages. In addition, the New Testament has another 1,617 languages translated. Smaller portions have been translated into 1,248 …

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What is the Church?

The chapel entrance with massive wooden doors and red brick and white stone entrance of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Cleveland, TN is seen from the sidewalk and through the historic wrought iron sidewalk gate. The iron cross adorong the top of the gate is in focus and centered in the frame.

What is the church? a) A church (lowercase) is a group of called-out believers who meet regularly to worship God. The place where this group of believers gathers may secondarily be called a church. b) …

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What is meditation?

Four short white candles, one in a glass votive, are lit with a soft orange background and whole spices in the foreground.

Meditation has been practiced across the globe by people of many different faiths for thousands of years. Yet, meditation is still difficult for people to define. Usually, people are referring to a spiritual discipline that …

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What is a Christian?

Christian icon of Jesus Christ

A Christian is a follower or disciple—a person who follows the teachings and principles—of Jesus Christ because he or she believes in Jesus as the only-begotten Son of God. A Christian is a member and …

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