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Mike Bickle, moral failures, and the road ahead for IHOPKC

Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC), recently addressed allegations of sexual abuse, asserting their falsity while admitting to past “inappropriate behavior” and “moral failures” from over two decades ago.

Bickle, 68, has been on leave since October 26, following the emergence of these accusations. A statement from former IHOPKC leaders in October accused him of sexual misconduct, and a recent report in The Roys Report included an allegation of sexual abuse from a former intern 27 years ago.

IHOPKC announced a third-party investigation into the allegations. Bickle, while admitting to past wrongdoings, denied the more severe accusations of sexual abuse. He expressed remorse and repentance for his actions and advised his supporters not to defend him online.

The situation has sparked debate and calls for transparency and accountability within IHOPKC. Some, including preacher Joel Richardson, view Bickle’s confession as insufficient. In response to the controversy, the Florianópolis House of Prayer in Brazil distanced itself from Bickle during the investigation.

Bickle plans to step back from public ministry for an extended period, possibly indefinitely, viewing this time as a form of divine discipline. He has stated he will only return to ministry if confirmed by others and God’s guidance.

Christianity Today reports:

“Some may wonder why I am just now making a public statement 20+ years later? It is because I was recently confronted about things that I said or did 20+ years ago—things I believed were dealt with and under the blood of Jesus,” he wrote. “Since this has now become public, I want to repent publicly.”

A group of former IHOPKC leaders released a statement in October saying Bickle had been accused of sexual misconduct “where the marriage covenant was not honored” and that they had heard corroborating testimony from “several victims.” In The Roys Report last week, a woman alleged that Bickle sexually abused her while she was an intern at IHOPKC 27 years ago.

Bickle has been on leave from the ministry since October 26 while IHOPKC leaders looked into the allegations. On Sunday, after weeks of back-and-forth, the church announced a third-party investigation. Bickle said he drafted a statement on October 28 but was advised by legal counsel to wait.

Bickle referred to the social media debates and online distain surrounding the allegations. He advised family and friends to not come to his defense and to not insult his detractors. “I have confidence the Lord will speak concerning what He sees and says about me in His timing,” he said.

IHOPKC shared Tuesday’s statement on social media and told followers, “Please continue to pray …”

Bickle plans to continue to remain away from public ministry for an “extended season” and possibly indefinitely.

“I see this as God’s ‘delayed’ loving discipline on my life (Heb. 12:6, 11). I will look to other leaders to determine how long this season will last—it may be long and it may be even permanent,” the letter said. “I will only reengage in my preaching ministry if God confirms it through others.”

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