How to be politically active without compromising your Christian witness

Biden and Trump

(ANALYSIS) While political pundits do their jobs in analyzing the
presidential debate, I’ll do my job as a spiritual leader and encourage us
to keep our priorities straight. In short, as I posted earlier this year,
preach Jesus and vote for your presidential candidate of choice, based on
scriptural principles. But do not preach your candidate. To do so is to
defile your witness.

I love America but it is not my idol

America is not, nor has it ever been, nor should it ever be a “Christian nation.” We can’t baptize a nation, nor should we try. Christians are the last people on earth in need of …

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Five reasons to abandon the attractional church model

The top of a steep two level church roof is shown against a blue sky and with a cross on it's peak.

The “Attractional Church,” according to Jared C. Wilson (from The Gospel-Driven Church), can be defined as “a way of doing church ministry whose primary purpose is to make Christianity appealing.” Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with …

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An Evangelical addiction to strength

dumbbells on a rack in a gym

I wonder sometimes how much our religious focus as evangelicals relates to what we find in scripture. Certainly, at the heart of evangelicalism is the greek word euaggelion (good news) and as evangelicals, we strive to …

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God is going to let the wrong people in

A set of old soft teal doors are shown close up with a slide lock.

I recently attended a church convention that included a question-and-answer session with a new bishop, and during the session, an attendee stood up and asked a question about who would be welcome in the pews …

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