Tournament of Artists 2018:3

Vote for your favorite artists! Twice a month, Faith on View readers get to vote for their favorite artists. This is the first round since the website suffered the Trojan attack so we are looking forward to getting it going again.

You can see the records for the entire tournament HERE

Last round's winners (round 2018:2) were: Barbara HepworthRichard SerraGeorgia O’KeeffePhilip PearlsteinPhilip PearlsteinTony Cragg, and Théodore Géricault

Round 2018:3 brings 14 artists, 7 matches, to you for your votes. Vote for you favorites. This is a great way to learn about artists which you may not be familiar with. To learn more about the artists, simply click on the image.

Of course, if you enjoy this spread the word and share it with your friends. The more people who vote the more fun the results are!

The Tournament of Artists are run every 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Yeah, we're a little late this week. The rounds run until right before the next round. This round will run until Midnight (PST) Friday December 21, 2018. 



Which artist do you like best?

Marc Chagall

Antoni Gaudí

Which artist do you like best?

Fra Filippo Lippi

Guido Reni

Which artist do you like best?

Jusepe de Ribera

Jean-Antoine Watteau

Which artist do you like best?

Willem de Kooning

Constantin Brâncusi

Which artist do you like best?

Walter Gropius


Which artist do you like best?

Lucio Fontana

Roy Lichtenstein

Which artist do you like best?

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