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How Lies Spread

Over the last few years, I’ve been concerned about the state of truth in our nation and the proliferation of lies. As a Christian, I believe deeply in the reality of truth and it’s importance. But, I have been seeing the decline in the commitment to truth in all sorts of areas. I’ve seen it […]

Poll: Christianity Today and Removing Trump- Do you agree?

*The Polls are at the end of this article.* On December 19th, my birthday, Christianity Today, one of the flagship evangelical magazines, published an editorial “Trump Should Be Removed from Office” by Mark Galli, CT’s editor in chief, which has set the political evangelical world on fire. Trump has angrily Tweeted about the editorial and evangelicals […]

What did we learn on 9/11?

I saw a post from a friend who is a teacher showing a picture of a patriotic 9/11 backpack of one of her students full of American flags and “God Bless America.” She mentioned how her class had talked a lot about 9/11 the last few days. She mentioned that she was glad the lessons […]

Most Selective Christian Colleges & Universities 2018

Faith on View considers a lot of factors when putting together the Top Christian College Rankings. We evaluate 18 measures in four different categories, each worth 25%. One of the more interesting categories in the Student Selectivity category.  The methodology page describes this category as follows: Student selectivity is an important part of ranking a […]

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