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India: Church delegation urges peace during Manipur visit

A church delegation recently embarked on a journey to Manipur, bringing with them calls for lasting peace in the region. The visit aimed to foster reconciliation and promote a harmonious way forward amidst longstanding conflicts.

The delegation embarked on a series of engagements with key stakeholders while the mission resonated with the participants, they emphasized the urgent need to address underlying grievances and build bridges of understanding. The delegation met with representatives from various peoples creating a platform for constructive dialogues that transcended religious and political boundaries. The shared objective was clear: to cultivate a climate of inclusivity, mutual respect, and peaceful coexistence.

The church leaders called for a cessation of hostilities, underscoring the irreplaceable value of every human life. Their words, carefully chosen to evoke empathy and compassion, struck a chord with listeners, motivating many to rethink their positions.

Christianity Today:

“The destruction in these areas—many houses and properties in ruins, churches and schools completely destroyed—had the Christian leaders greatly affected. Notably, the St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School and Parish were among the destroyed structures. This institution has served as a model of educational, social, and developmental assistance to diverse communities.”

As Manipur takes its tentative steps towards reconciliation, the spiritual leaders hope to pave the way toward a more harmonious tomorrow through their calls to peace.

You can read more about this here.

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