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‘Pastors for Trump’ hopes to gather political support

James Lasher of Charisma News writes that Tulsa minister Jackson Lahmeyer has formed a new political organization called Pastors for Trump, designed to drum up political support for the former president. Lahmeyer hopes to fuel the same voter enthusiasm seen in 2016. Donald Trump won that election, partially due to high turnout among some Evangelical groups.

The organization hopes to mobilize the support of moderates and conservatives, many of which have turned away from several of Trump’s controversial stances. Lahmeyer also called for “Christian leaders” in the United States, though he wanted to push for a theocracy.

Lasher continues:

As the Republican party endures an identity crisis about what it is and where it stands, some evangelicals hope to bring back the momentum Donald Trump rode to victory in 2016.

To do this, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer is looking to unify Christians across the country to help ensure Donald Trump retakes the White House in 2024.

Pastors For Trump has a long road ahead of it. While many moderates and conservatives alike agreed with Trump’s policies during his tenure, those same moderates, and women in particular, were driven away by the outspoken president’s rhetoric and how he addressed others.

Not only is there a large hill for the group to climb with voters, but to say that Washington D.C. is staunchly against Trump returning as the Commander-in-Chief is an understatement.

Even with Pelosi being ousted as majority leader in the House, Trump has enemies on both sides of the aisle. Republicans like Senators Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell and outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney have proven by both actions and words that they are not in favor of Donald Trump returning to the White House.

But Pastor Lahmeyer is leaning on his background to rally the troops and highlight the importance of electing Donald Trump as president again.

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  • I realize while your goal is to scorn Republican pastors, you fail to mention that many, many “Republican” pastors want nothing to do which Trump. It doesn’t fit the “we hate Trump” motif. Trump is such red meat for your audience.

    And you obviously fail to mention the Democrat pastors who turn a blind eye to the sins of that party. I suppose such an idea wouldn’t fit into goals of the site.

    • This is simply a share of a news article that is not original to this site. An attentive perusal of Faith on View will show that we share from diverse Christian perspectives, just as we say we do.

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