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Most Selective Christian Colleges & Universities 2018

Faith on View considers a lot of factors when putting together the Top Christian College Rankings. We evaluate 18 measures in four different categories, each worth 25%. One of the more interesting categories in the Student Selectivity category.  The methodology page describes this category as follows: Student selectivity is an important part of ranking a […]

Top Christian Colleges 2018

Faith on View began ranking top Christian colleges in 2013. In the five years since we began this project, other organizations have followed suit. These are, however, the original and by far the most comprehensive Christian College rankings available. We employ the most complete measures based methodology available for Christian College rankings anywhere. We calculate the rankings […]

Top Christian Colleges 2016

Faith on View began ranking top christian colleges in 2013. These are the original and most comprehensive Christian College rankings. We employ the most thorough measures based methodology available for Christian College rankings. We calculate the rankings based on 18 measure to ensure the best possible rankings. (See our methodology) The reception to the rankings […]

Baylor, Scandal, and Christian Cowardice

The scandal at Baylor University is all the buzz right now. (Read here for a good recap or here) This week news broke that the University was “firing” President Ken Starr for his failure to investigate allegations of sexual assault by Baylor football players. Many see tremendous irony in this since Starr made his reputation by doggedly […]

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