A Journey to Eastern Christianity

The following is a talk which my departed grandmother invited me to give for her Sunday School class at First United Methodist Shreveport and which, due to some confusion, was given in its entirety to …

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Faith in Times of Pandemic

Pandemics have stressed the fabric of human social structures throughout the course of history. Times of rampant sickness with their associated physical, mental, social, and spiritual tolls strip away the veneer of human societies to …

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Republicans can’t be Christian

Republicans can’t be Christians I am going to say something controversial, “Republicans can’t be Christians.” To the vast majority of Christians, I just said something unthinkable, especially if one is of the evangelical stripe of …

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From Confusion to Communion

“When the Most High came down and confused the tongues, He divided the nations. But when He distributed the tongues of fire He called all to unity. Therefore with one voice we glorify the All …

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Never too Old to be too Young

I grew up in a small country Southern Baptist Church in rural California. When my family moved there our family of six doubled the size of the church. But, the church did grow over the …

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In praise of a naked Christ

In a recent online exchange, I posted a photo of an icon that showed the Virgin Mary with a breast partially uncovered. While some of the discussion centered around the ever-weary topic of modesty, another …

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