Louisiana College: In search of Truth

LC © 2013 Pamela Reynoso-2Over the last couple of years, I have been contacted by a lot of people who have been hurt by the Aguillard administration. Once again, with the new documents surrounding the Joseph Cole hotel fiasco I have run across those who have been terribly harmed by LC. So, I have decided to try and write something that tells those stories. So, if you have been mistreated by Aguillard or his administration please e-mail me or send me a message through the contact form below.
I will only share what you want me to share and I will only share it in a way you are comfortable with. Your comfort and healing is important to me. But, I think the personal side of the damage LC does is important to helping people understand the situation at LC.

I need your help to show the truth about LC. Thank you for your help!



Rondall Reynoso is a NY educated artist, art historian, aesthetician, and speaker. He is a college professor and academic who is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in art history and aesthetics in Berkeley, CA. Rondall has shown his work extensively in over 80 exhibitions internationally.

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