Is Blogging Scholarship?

pile of four white books

This is a great little video that I ran across on Twitter. It was shared by John Fea from Messiah College who was on the panel. The panel was at the Organization of American History …

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Am I a Liberal?

Reading aesthetics in a redwood forest

Today the Town Talk ran an article about the issue of forged documents at Louisiana College which I reported on yesterday: “Documents: Former Louisiana College employee was paid to keep quiet” One thing in that …

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Missing Mom

Cruz Reynoso in Law School graduation robes standing with his wife, Jeannene.

My last semester was really crazy. I spent three days a week taking courses at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley which is 45 minutes west of where we live and two days a week …

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Pamela is Spicing up Faith on View

I have been writing at Faith on View for just over two years now. Those of you who follow know that sometimes I write a lot and sometimes not so much. But, I honestly am …

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Back in the Classroom

William Jessup University

After a year away from teaching, I am back in the classroom. I have to admit it feels good. Though I have been ruminating about the differences in starting teaching at a new University as …

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Yes Language Evolves, But…

Spine of a red dictionary with a pencil next to it.

I think everyone on Facebook has a few grammar nerds who regularly post about things like the Oxford Comma or rant about the improper use of the word “literally.” While I’m not really aggressive about …

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Louisiana College: Outgoing Vice President Tim Johnson Writes Letter Against President Aguillard

Tim Johnson

tim-johnsonThe tragic Whistleblower controversy at Louisiana College has centered around two Vice Presidents, Tim Johnson and Chuck Quarles, who filed a complaint against President Aguillard. Both are currently still under contract with the College, for a few more days at least, and College policy prevents them from speaking to the press. However, the Town Talk has discovered a letter written by Tim Johnson to the board of Trustees where he continues his assertion that Dr. Aguillard has behaved unethically. Additionally, he alleges that Dr. Aguillard violated the Colleges Whistleblower policy in relation to him. Johnson also points out what I, and others, have been saying for months, Calvinism is not the issue it is a distraction.

Tim Johnson also points out that “It is tragic that the only avenue for reporting issues involving the President is a Whistleblower Policy.” There is significant irony here since employees at Louisiana College did not even know about the Whistleblower policy at LC. The faculty and staff were not notified about the policy when it was passed in 2009 and it was not included in the faculty handbook. As a result before Johnson and Quarles learned about the policy there was no recourse for informing the board about issues with the Presidents behavior which is why I had to resort to an open letter to the board.

One of the most ironic statements in Johnson’s letter is:

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