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Google Thyself

As an artist and academic, there is a benefit to the extremely narcissistic activity of Googling myself.  I want my images and thoughts to be getting out there and there is no better way of discovering if my work is moving around in the world beyond myself than looking to Google. The activity is simultaneously reaffirming and humbling. I […]

A Terrible, Wonderful Journey

So, it has finally happened. This was my first week back in school and I am both excited and terrified. When I was working on my MFA/MS in painting and art history at Pratt Institute, I became interested in continuing on for a PhD. But, that was a long five year program already and my […]

Face Lift

I’ve been doing a lot of work on other web pages over the last couple of weeks as I’ve been trying to get some projects out of the way before classes at GTU start this week. Most of my time has been making adjustments to three websites which is the primary website for my art and […]

Back in the blog game

You may have noticed…hopefully someone noticed…that this blog was down for a while. Technology is a wonderful, horrible thing. Not to get too complicated but, I had to update my my WordPress program which in turn required an update to the database which did not work properly. So, the blog was down for about a […]

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