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Lousiana College- Independent Special Investigation Concludes Aguillard Lied

Tomorrow morning the Town Talk will be running a story on Louisiana College which highlights an internal investigation commissioned by the Chairman of the Louisiana College Board of Trustees which concludes that President Aguillard “engaged in falsehoods and misrepresented material information to the Board of Trustees on countless occasions.” The investigation was commissioned to investigate the accusations made […]

Louisiana College Loses Largest Donor in College History Due to the Unethical Behavior of President Aguillard

There has been  a lot of speculation over the last several weeks about what would happen to the funding that an anonymous donor has provided to establish the Caskey Divinity School at Louisiana College. Rumors have indicated that the donors are not pleased with some actions taken by President Aguillard. Speculation further heated up when it […]

The Evangelical Prosperity Gospel

church steeple photo

Christian rapper Shai Linne has released a new song about the ‘prosperity’ gospel taught by several very popular teachers that has gotten some attention both positive and negative.   Linne is trying to be thoughtful in his new album entitled Lyrical Theology: Part 1. Personally, I find his effort toward meaningful theological dialogue to be refreshing in […]

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

The following post was written by Heath Veuleman. I have gone through a lot over the last couple of years where the call to love is a real challenge, I’ll write more about that tomorrow. Heath has also had challenges in this area and he articulates the importance of true Christian love wonderfully. By Heath […]

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